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Do you know about the WearIT Watch

Do you know about the WearIT Watch

by Imran ShoukatJuly 1, 2013

The most advanced sportwatch for your active lifestyle, yes this is what is written on the WearIT site. Who does not love watches built with awesome level of technology in it. I personally like watches that have some kind of GPS functionality, and other features. This amazing WearIT watch has a built-in GPS unit and sensors. The watch reports your position for accurate location and navigation, performance monitoring, track record and much more. And the amazing part, the WearIT watch’s WiFi connectivity. It can directly access the web and always keep you connected for social networking, gaming, remote challenges and much more.


You get FREE access to the WearIT App Store through it’s Android 4.1 operating system. The WearIT watch has a super sensitive touch screen interface that allows you to navigate through WearIT apps naturally and don’t worry about using it under shower or may be in the pool, it is waterproof :-). The WearIT watch has a 4GB internal storage capacity and powered via the Cortex A8 CPU processor which is up to 600 MHz and has a 256 MB of RAM. The WearIT watch also has Digital compass functionalities. The display is 1.54-inch capacitive touch screen which to be precise is 240 x 240 pixel display resolution. The battery is rechargeable type. Oh and I forgot to tell you about the internal sensors that WearIT has. It has an Accelerometer, Magnetometer and a Pedometer. So hope you get your hands on this amazing watch soon.

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Imran Shoukat
The Author is a U.A.E.(Dubai) based Amateur Magician. Have performed at various local and International events. Specialize in Conjuring Magic and Close-up. The Author has been the Gold Medalist of the IBM UAE competition 2002. Apart from Magic Shows the author is an Electronic Engineering Hobbyist, a Pro Blogger, holds a Commercial Pilots License & a B.Sc in Marketing.