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by Imran ShoukatMarch 6, 2013

There are times when a vehicle driver falls asleep only to meet with an accident. Most of the drivers on long highway drives feel sleepy but some of them meet with terrible endings. But today’s technology has proven that it can tap into matters which were previously not noticed. Cellular technology has provided many advantages in our daily lives through various mediums. Today many newer models that are sold in the US come equipped with OnStar or some other type of emergency response system which can be helpful when in an emergency. Lets take a look at this amazing Splitsecnd device that just plugs in to any car which has a cigarette lighter or 12V DC socket and in an emergency such as sudden speed changes in the car, abrupt brakes can be sensed by this device and it determines your location and calls the Splitsecnd emergency response center where an operator will confirm by calling you and asking you what help do you require.



This is so amazing that if you are in the US you should get it, atleast for your safety. This Splitsecnd device would cost your $199.95 + $14.95/month. It includes the device, 24/7 Splitsecnd response center, family finder. And the best part of this device is that it is activated so that as soon as you receive it just plug it in your car and there you go. Plus the device has got a built-in USB port to charge your cell phone or other USB device, Splitsecnd says “consider it a bonus“. Just watch the amazing video and you will know what this device can do to help you.


Source: Coolest Gadgets

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