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Review: HTC One Double Flip Case

Review: HTC One Double Flip Case

by Imran ShoukatSeptember 15, 2013

Genuine HTC One Hard Case

What a great case was shipped over to me for a hands on review from Gearzap. Working with cases for a hands on review is what I really love and from the moment I have got this amazing HTC One Smartphone, I am so delighted although I do have an iPhone 4S, but still I guess HTC One is the best Android powered smartphone. The casing arrived in a nice packed form. The feel and look is so perfect that I just feel that my HTC One smartphone would sit comfortably in the case without scratching the smartphone’s rear or even the front.

HTC One Flip Case

As you can see how amazing the HTC One looks in the Hard Case and let me remind you this is a Genuine HTC One flip case. The Flip case almost replicates other cases we have seen in the past, protecting the smartphone from front and rear. We earlier posted a hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip case which only covers the front side of the smartphone, but in this case the double flip case gives protection from all the sides and it is really easy to slip the smartphone into the case.

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HTC One Flip Case USB Jack

What I liked about this Double Flip case was that the all the ports such as Headphone jack, the USB port had ample space to plug in without any restrictions. The powerHTC_One_Stand button as you can see also has lot of space on the its sides. Also you can see how the double flip cover can be positioned as to position the HTC One at almost 70 degrees horizontally. This position is great if you are watching a video or even at video calls. My little daughter loves to watch cartoons on Youtube and from the time she has seen that the Double Flip case could be positioned this way, she always wants it…ahh kids. The way the Double Flip Case is designed from the rear, providing the cuts for rear camera and the flash. It just looks awesome.

HTC_One_Camera_RearJust to summarize the Double Flip Case for HTC One is what you would want if you are looking for a case that could protect the HTC One smartphone while making it feel and look great in your hands. So interested to get one for your HTC One Smartphone, just contact Gearzap at 0844 249 5069 (UK).


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