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Prolonging the Life of Your iPhone – 7 Things to Avoid

Prolonging the Life of Your iPhone – 7 Things to Avoid

by Imran ShoukatJuly 4, 2013

Your iPhone is an indispensable tool, but it’s also an expensive one, and you only get so many cell phone upgrades. Prolong the life of the one you’ve got by avoiding these seven things.


Overworking Your Battery

Barring any major physical damage, the battery is pretty much always the first thing to go on an iPhone. Letting it wear down as little as possible is the number on thing you can do to prolong your phone’s life. Reduce your screen’s brightness and turn off Bluetooth, location services, Wi-Fi, and even 4G /LTE when you’re not using them. Running those connections costs a lot of battery.

Getting a Flimsy Case

Don’t get a light case just because you think it’s cute. The best way to protect your iPhone from damage is with a serious case that wraps around the front of the phone and provides shock absorption in case of any rough physical encounters.

Letting the Home Button Get Sticky

Because you use it so often, the home button is one of the first parts of the phone to give out. If your home button starts being less responsive, try this little trick: open an app that came installed on the phone (like Mail or Calculator) and hold down the power button until the power off screen comes up. Then push and hold the home button until it returns to the menu to recalibrate its settings.

Leaving it in the Sun

Overheating is one of the most damaging things that can happen to an iPhone. Make sure not to set it down in direct sunlight. If your phone feels hot to the touch or the dreaded cool down screen comes up, turn it off and let it cool down before using it again.

Charging it Overnight

Overcharging the battery is a good way to make it wear down faster. Convenient as it is, the amount of time you spend sleeping is a lot more than your battery needs. Find a way to charge it in the middle of the day instead, and your phone will last much longer.

Allowing Apps to Run in the Background

When you hit the home screen and leave an app, it doesn’t stop running. It just moves to the background. To extend your battery life and avoid wearing out your phone’s internal mechanisms, use the multitasking bar to close apps when you exit them.

Leaving Your Screen Unprotected

How many times have you seen an iPhone with unattractive broken glass on the front screen? Let’s face it—everybody’s phone gets dropped sometimes. To keep your phone from bearing the scars for life, there are two main things you can do. First, get a case that wraps around the front of the phone. When your phone hits the ground, this will keep the glass from making direct contact. Second, install a screen protector to give the glass a thin extra layer of protection and prevent fingerprints, scratches, and smudges. If your glass does break, consider going to a third party for a new screen instead of the Apple store for a new phone to save money.

Author: Ann Romans is a tech expert and iPhone protection enthusiast. She is a contributing writer to the Urban Armor Gear blog.

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