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Philips TwinPlay Dual Screen

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Philips TwinPlay

Philips TwinPlay

My Daughter loves to watch cartoons while seated in the car. I guess all kids love it. Gone are the days when DVD players were attached to the back headrests and kids used to shout from the rear, DAD next cartoon!!!! I have watched this. Ahhh sometimes its annoying, but kids watching cartoon with the Philips TwinPlay is fun and easy for parents and kids too. The Philips TwinPlay kit comes with a convenient carrying bag with a shoulder strap. It fits nicely under a seat. The cup holder charging/playing station is very useful. It keeps the iPhone in its place. But the best part of the whole kit, it has two 7 inch LCD screen with mounting straps. The two screens have built in speakers with great volume abilities.

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Philips TwinPlay


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