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Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service, Try it out

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service, Try it out

by Imran ShoukatMarch 23, 2013

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Make FREE calls within U.S. Yes believe it or not, you might have heard about the Ooma Telo Device which allows you to call anywhere in the U.S. for free, all you need is to pay the applicable taxes and fees. You would be really surprised, setting up the Ooma Telo is really easy and even easier to use. Just connect the device to your high speed internet and then to your existing phone. The best feature you do not need any computer or headset to make and receive calls. In fact your telephone will work as it always has, and just saving you huge monthly bills.The Telo uses sophisticated Ooma PureVoice HD Technologies to provide exceptional voice good quality and reliability. You’ll retain the crisp, acoustic performance of a landline without the associated costs. Ooma HD Voice Technology delivers gorgeous realism and fidelity whenever you contact one more Ooma Telo user (HD compatible phone necessary).


Peace of Mind with 911 Alerts

Acquire some peace of mind when you’re out of your home with 911 Alerts. If anyone dials 911 from your Ooma phone, we’ll straight away send a text message for your cellular phone letting you realize. You are going to quickly be alerted that there is an issue, and can respond to the scenario appropriately.

Easily Install with your Existing Phones

The Ooma Telo has been created for intuitive and effortless installation: merely connect it to your router and your existing home phone. Most clients are connected and producing calls in less than 15 minutes. If you’ve got any inquiries, the Ooma assistance site is loaded with dozens of articles, diagrams, recommendations, and friendly help.

Ooma PureVoice HD

In today’s connected house environment with Internet file sharing, video streaming, on the web gaming, and much more, there is a good deal of network traffic that your voice calls will have to compete with. PureVoice HD technology makes it possible for Ooma to deliver clear audio even when substandard calling circumstances exist. Ooma PureVoice HD Technologies is composed of five important components:


  1. Advanced Voice Compression: Ooma makes use of an advanced voice compression algorithm that consumes over 60 % much less bandwidth than standard VoIP technology. That leaves you with additional bandwidth for the other on the net activities, and increases the likelihood that your voice traffic will be delivered.
  2. Wire-speed High quality of Service: Although Ooma uses only a fraction of the bandwidth of normal VoIP technologies, those packets should arrive with out delay for optimal quality. The Ooma Telo prioritizes voice packets devoid of slowing down the rest of your network. This way you could appreciate crystal clear calls even as you’re uploading your most recent video clips.
  3. Adaptive Redundancy: Network packet loss is the enemy of VoIP – dropped packets may cause voice to sound stuttered or garbled. The Ooma Telo detects packet loss on your Internet connection and automatically sends redundant packets to increase the clarity of the phone call.
  4. Encrypted Calls: Ooma takes your privacy seriously. We leverage exactly the same encryption technologies that governments use to guard classified data to defend your conversations. This tends to make Ooma a lot more safe than the conventional landline.
  5. Higher Definition Technology: HD Voice technologies doubles the fidelity of the phone calls by capturing twice the speech info of a standard voice contact. If you and the other caller both use an Ooma Telo Handset or other HD compatible telephone, your voice will sound more all-natural than ever.

Why don’t you try it out and see the difference in your monthly bills:

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B002O3W4LE’]

Many people who have purchased this can’t just be wrong, we have included some reviews taken from Amazon:-

  • A great looking and improved Ooma VOIP device. (Amazon Reviewer: Pilchard)
  • We purchased an Ooma Hub & Scout in April 2009 to replace a Vonage VoIP connection. We are very satisfied with the hub, and therefore purchased an Ooma Telo for a second location. (Amazon Reviewer: Ashok Aiyar)

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