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Nokia 105, the Affordable, Colourful and Durable Mobile

Nokia 105, the Affordable, Colourful and Durable Mobile

by Imran ShoukatFebruary 27, 2013

Did you know that around 2.7 billion people around the world are yet to buy their first mobiles, mostly due to financial restraints, yes this is shocking but true. But now they too can get this amazing Nokia 105 which is set to retail at €15 making it the most affordable mobile phone in Nokia’s range of mobiles. You might be thinking, a mobile so cheap would surely have very limited functions. Apart from making calls and sms, the Nokia 105 has a built in FM radio, which to some is a great feature. The phone has a flashlight, which again is a very useful feature for most of the users.

Nokia 105



It has a 1.45 inch 65k TFT display and comes with 8MB of built in storage. Battery life is also good, up to 12.5 hours talk-time and 35 days standby. Also to your surprise the Nokia 105 features a talking clock, which the product design team said:

We wanted to be able to offer a bit of fun, an extra surprise that provides a talking point for the owners.

Nokia has said that it will start selling in the second quarter of 2013, if you want more information on the Nokia 105 visit Nokia Conversations.

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