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The Money Behind Retro Tech

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Did you know – The video game Air Raid’s release price was $10 in 1984. Now it’ been auctioned off for $31,600. That’s a whopping 1,435% gain!

It’s really amazing to know how important products from past years go on auction for more than what they were sold at original cost. Technology industry is ever evolving from new innovations which replaces the old technologies. But have you ever thought that your old tech stuff could be sold for thousand or maybe more if its really worth. Check out this amazing Retro tech, which is a big market, with some pieces selling for thousands or hundreds of thousands more than their original sale value. We just got this amazing infographic for your reference.

The Money Behind Retro Tech

Thanks to The Money Behind Retro Tech by the team at Portable Universe for providing us the Infographic.


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