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iPhone Charger which is a Credit Card Size

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iPhone Charger


Whatttt!!, a credit card sized charger that fits into a wallet. Yes that was my expression when i heard about it first. I had to see this iPhone charger.

iPhone Charger

Yes this is your traditional credit card sized charger, technically it connects to any phone providing additional hour of power. Only 1/4″ thick, the device fits inside a wallet’s credit card slot, enabling charging of any cell phone with a micro USB port when traditional power sources are unavailable.

iPhone Charger

The portable power hub’s lithium-ion battery extends a cell phone’s battery life by 25% before requiring a recharge itself and it connects to devices with its 1 1/2″-long fold-out micro USB cord (compatible with most Android and Blackberry smartphones or traditional cell phones). Recharges in two hours via the included USB adapter.

So why not give it a try, I am surely going to get this. Get your credit card sized iPhone charger.

SOURCE: Hammacher

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