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FinePix Xp50 For all Your Outdoor Needs

FinePix Xp50 For all Your Outdoor Needs

by Imran ShoukatMarch 3, 2013

Do you love Digital camera, well I have a personal love for all of them specially the ones which are multi-purpose. Check out the FinePix X50 by FujiFilm. An amazing digital camera built in Rugged design for outdoor fun. The FinePix XP50 is waterproof to 5m, shock proof to 1.5m, sealed against dust and sand, and can even work in temperatures down to -10C. So the next time you are going snorkeling take the FinePix XP50 with you. The FinePix XP50 has a clear 2.7-inch LCD that features an anti-reflective coating for excellent visibility, so that means even in full sunlight or when shooting underwater scenes you would get wonderful picture quality plus you can view the LCD in much more clarity.


FinePix XP50 


  1. Double Lock: Battery compartment has a seal with a double lock as an extra safeguard when using the camera underwater or even in the field.
  2. Water-repellent Coating Lens: The lens cover is treat with a water repellent coating, just shake the water off the lens and hurray, go right on shooting.
  3. Shockproof Bumper Design: The LCD is protected from a shockproof bumper, so that you can have all the fun with the camera, so don’t worry about the LCD.
  4. Anti-Slip Rubber Grip: The FinePix Xp50 has a anti-slip rubber grip that lets your keep a firm hold on camera with bare or even gloved hands, great if you are in snow.

You would be really surprised that this amazing FinePix Xp50 can capture photos and movies in high definition 16:9 format for full screen HDTV image display. A handy micro HDMI connection lets you plug the camera directly into your TV or entertainment system. There are no hidden or difficult menus to start recording a movie, just press the One Touch movie record button and start capturing all the action in Full HD…wow that’s great.


FinePix XP50 available in different colors

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Some shots suffer from camera shake and subject movement which can just ruin photos by producing blurred results. But not to worry, you have for the FinePix XP50, that has a highly effective CMOS-Shift and high ISO image stabilization that ensures your shorts stay extra crisp and clear, even at the full 5x zoom. Great for martial artists, now capture your kick shots without motion blur. Plus there are some great features such as Face Detection with Face Detection Timer Function, Pro Low-light Mode, 6 Scene SR Auto function, Motion Panorama 360 and many other great features, to read more about features just visit FinePix XP50 page.

You can even tag the pictures right after shooting them and just connect it to your PC to upload them to Facebook. Read more about this feature.

So why not give this amazing Digital camera a try, surely you will love it. For residents of United Arab Emirates please visit the Emax Page to get the FinePix XP50. And for others please click the link below:-

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