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The Anytone Pandora Powercase for iPad 2 from GearZap

The Anytone Pandora Powercase for iPad 2 from GearZap

by Imran ShoukatMarch 13, 2013

iPad, what on earth has iPad done to it’s users. I believe iPad has transformed the way we think, perform our daily activities, conduct businesses, all thanks to the iPad OS and the developers of the fantastic apps which caters every age and every category available. Well so this means if you have got an iPad of course you would want to take care of it by protecting it. We just came across the Anytone Pandora Powercase Rotating Case for the iPad 2. A huge thanks to GearZap for sending us the Case for a hands on review of it.


Anytone Pandora Powercase


We did feel so amazed to review the Anytone Pandora Powercase. This Powercase is a very stylish case and uses leatherette material to enhance the case looks and justs adds sophistication whilst protecting your iPad 2 from scratches and damage. When I recieved the Anytone Pandora Powercase, I was just blown away by its fantastic feel and the built-in battery which is a 3000mAh Li-ion Polymer battery giving your iPad 2 the extra power when needed.

As the name suggests and as you can see the in the above picture, the Pandora Powercase has rotation features so that your iPad can be rotated vertically or horizontally, the built-in stand has six different viewing angles. Isn’t it a great feature of this case, it provides different rotations plus the battery power. You can just imagine how frustrating it is when you are in a middle of an important work and your iPad pops up the small window “10% battery remaining” ooopppsss, this time if you have the Pandora Powercase, just plug in the included USB cable and immediately the iPad starts charging, thanks to the developers of the Pandora Powercase. As you can see in the picture below, we have shown in close-up the battery mini USB port and a switch to turn on/off the battery, plus it also shows 4 LED’s that gives you an instant visual display of the remaining battery charge.


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The Pandora Powercase is designed to provide each and every control on the iPad a room to spare, making it easier for you to control the iPad switches. I remember not many iPad cases have this kind of flexibility in their design. My earlier iPad case even blocked the speaker and it was really hard to hear even when the volume was fully turned up. As you can see below this Pandora Powercase has given ample room to the iPad speaker, the charging dock, it’s volume and power buttons.


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The Pandora Powercase gives a very aesthetic look at every angle. At the bottom you can see how the Pandora Powercase exactly looks front and rear with the iPad 2 in. To be honest I have liked it so much that I will surely recommend the Pandora Powercase to friends and family. As you can see there is an elastic strap which just snaps to the rear side of the case keeping the case secured front and back, great to strap it while traveling. Also inside the case there are hidden magnets on the edges, which keeps the case firmly shut when it is not in use. The magnets also activate the iPad-2 auto-sleep feature, which helps you to save battery whenever you aren’t using the iPad 2.

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Now just going back to the built-in battery of the Pandora Powercase you would get a MicroUSB to iPad Male/USB Male as well as a MicroUSB to USB Male/USB female which allows you to charge your iPad 2 and also easily recharge the case from any USB port, now isn’t that a great feature.


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Now we have showed you everything what the Pandora Powercase has to offer for your iPad 2 and are interesting to get the Pandora Powercase just click here or head over to Gear Zap to check out there amazing collection of cases and accessories for Macbooks, Tablets, iPad’s, Laptops, Kindles and Mobiles, just Click here

For more enquiries call GearZap at 0844-249-5080 (UK)

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