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The Amazing 120 Hour Mosquito Repeller

The Amazing 120 Hour Mosquito Repeller

by Imran ShoukatMarch 10, 2013

Are you living in an area where there are lots of mosquitoes and you fear dengue virus caused by mosquitoes or simply you want picnic out and want to keep your kids safe from mosquito’s. Then why not try out the amazing 120 hour mosquito repeller that just clips to a belt and repels mosquitoes within a 15′ radius for up to an amazing 120 hours. There is no need to apply chemical based sprays. I still remember when we had gone aboard for vacations my wife had to apply mosquito repellent spray to my daughters hand and feet to just protect her from the dangerous mosquitoes buzzing around her.

Mosquito Repeller



This device automatically emits a subtle floral scent of geraniol which is a plant-derived essential oil that naturally repels mosquitoes and ticks. Laboratory tests performed by a University of Florida entomologist proved geraniol to be more effective than DEET—the chemical in most bug repellents—at warding off biting insects. The mosquito repeller has a silent fan that constantly surrounds you with an invisible shield of geraniol. The best part the device includes two geraniol cartridges and when it is over you can get another cartridge fro just $9.95. Try out the complete set for just $24.95, click the picture below or Click Here!mosquito repeller

The 120 Hour Personal Mosquito Repeller.mosquito repeller

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