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January 5, 2015

UP24 By JawBone Now Works With Nest

I am sure you must have read about the Nest Thermostat, well now it’s just not an ordinary thermostat controller, but it has gone way beyond. You can connect many smart products now to the Nest, but for now I am going to write about the UP24 by JawBone. The UP24 tracks your activity and sleep patterns. You can wakeup feeling refreshed with Smart Alarm or receive an idle alert, which is a gentle vibration at the wrist, when you have been sitting too long.

Now the UP24 connects to the Nest Thermostat, the temperature of your house will automatically adjust to a temperature you prefer, the moment you go to bed or [...]

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January 5, 2015

I Am In Love With The Parrot Flower Power Sensor

An Incredible sensor that assesses your plant’s needs and sends alerts to your smartphone.

Yes you have read it correct. In a pot or in the ground, the Parrot Flower Power monitors and analyzes the four parameters which are essential to your plant’s health, such as Sunlight, Temperature, Fertilizer & Moisture. You just place the sensor in the pot soil or even in the ground soil, the sensor connects via Bluetooth to the companion app, through which you can know whenever your Flower Power detects that your attention is needed, you will receive notification on your smartphone or tablet which uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to Flower [...]

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December 27, 2014

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

I love to install gadgets at my home and office. Since childhood I am a gadget freak, looking for gadgets all over and discussing with friends. Recently I came across the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart thermostat which is just amazing and very simple to use. You can adjust and control the thermostat from anywhere. The thermostat can be controlled via iPhone, iPad, Android and even a computer. It has a customizable touchscreen that is full color, bright and easy to read. The extreme flexibility of the Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat allows you to uniquely program your device as either a home or business thermostat and then offers scheduling features specific to [...]

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December 25, 2014

WD My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi Mobile Storage

Like me are you interested in Wireless storage devices. If Yes, then you must check out this amazing My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi Storage Mobile Storage device, through which you can instantly access your media and files with multiple connected devices, all at the same time. You can back up or even transfer photos and videos from your SD card, just remove your SD card from your Digital camera and insert it into the device’s SD card slot.

Imagine free of wires and the internet, My Passport Wireless lets you connect with up to 8 devices at the same [...]

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